Laura Pausini – Non è detto video clip made in Maratea

The new video by Laura Pausini is out for the song ‘Non è detto’, shot on the beautiful Maratea Beach

Laura pausini to choose the beautiful sea of ​​maratea of ​​the famous black beach his words leave their mark:

“I tried so hard I thought of traveling the world to find a beach for my video; in the end I found the marvelous black beach of Maratea. I’m happy to choose Italy”

Maratea is alone 1 h 6 min of cars(39,4 km) give Casaletto Spartano

 Passing by State Road 18 Tirrena Inferiore/SS18


The beauty of the Hair of Venus attracts fashion

The Advertising Campaign of Falconeri® Turn to the waterfalls called Venus Hair (Casaletto Spartano)

This is the text taken from the site Falconeri®:

The colors and fabrics of the autumn-winter collection Falconeri® they blend with the magical and uncontaminated scenery of the Cascate di Venere, located in the Cilento National Park. An enchanted place, escape and freedom, an intimate and reassuring space, dominated by the absolute, sensual and majestic beauty of nature, which has always been the source of inspiration for the brand.